Client : Roc Nation
Agency : Hugo & Marie
Reims Champagne, 2016
Notorious American rapper, Jay-Z, wanted to relaunch his "Armand de Brignac" (aka "Ace of Spades") luxury champagne brand digitally ... a new website, social accounts and digital ads and hired the illustrious Brooklyn agency, Hugo & Marie, for the task. Our Paris team was hired to execute a four day content grab in Reims, the Champagne region of France.  
Our task was to spend four days shooting as many photos and video clips for the Hugo & Marie team to use on their new website, socials and for the agency to repurpose for various digital ads. We developed a detailed shot list of over 400 shots.  Working hand-in-hand with the Roc Nation and Hugo & Marie team, we shot almost 8TB of data which comprised digital photos and video clips.  After a month of intense post-production, we delivered over 100 retouched photos and 200 graded video clips.  
Visit their website or Instagram and you will see our library visuals everywhere, like this homepage image  ...

A sample cut of some of the video clips we shot. The brief was to create romance and timelessness, so we teamed the 6K images from a Red Epic-M digital cinema camera with the vintage look of various 80s Angenieux lenses ...