Case study
Client : Chopard et Cie
Geneva & Cannes, 2017
Chopard Co-President, Caroline Scheufele, was about to unveil a new Palme d’Or Prize, now with encrusted diamonds, to the world in 2017 for the 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. We travelled from Paris to Geneva on the Friday before the festival, and were the first people to see the new Palme d’Or prize outside of Chopard. 
Our task was to film a showpiece, that afternoon and that afternoon only, since the next morning, the prizes needed to be transported by high security shipping to Cannes. The pressure to get it right was immense. We sent the shots we acquired in Geneva to NYC, which is six hours behind Paris, for overnight editing, while our Paris team decamped to Cannes that night to continue editing the next morning for delivery by end-of-day. 
Our work was shown prior to every screening at the festival. We could only achieve this feat by harnessing the power of our global team, having our NYC team edit while our Paris team slept. Caroline called us her “latter day alchemists”.
* All visual effects were done practically and in camera